My latest for Slate

February 2022

My latest for New York Magazine

December 2021

A chat with Justin Vivian Bond and Kenny Mellman.

November 2021

Consider TRUE BELIEVER: THE RISE AND FALL OF STAN LEE as a holiday gift...

June 2021

A new feature for NYMag about my ancestors and the course of American Jewry

April 2021

A chat with the novelist about superheroes, alienation, and Bibi.

February 2021

Buy it now and you can read it today!

January 2021

Questionable superhero casting, book updates, and a cat pic

December 2020

My year in review, plus cat pix

July 2020

The publishing debut of a Twitter micro-legend and much, much more

April 2020

An interview with cartoonist Tom Gauld and quarantine cat pix